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#30days Log

#30days_no_beerI was overwhelmed by the support from Queen City Drinks, BeerQuest ABV, and Osborn Brewing joining me in my quest.  I also appreciated BeerMumbo’s hilarious opposite challenge.  It was also pretty awesome to hear the stories of others that have done the same or similar things as the 30 day no drinking challenge – even if they were motivated by the chance to win some Zombie Dust.  Some people seemed interested in hearing about my adventure so I will just update this page throughout my journey as much as possible.  For those who could care less, I won’t be blasting out updates to this page.  So just bookmark this if you’re interested.

Day 1

9/23/2013: The whole concept seemed to spur a lot of buzz on Twitter and Facebook – as well as the other beer blogs – which really helped reinforce that this wasn’t as crazy of an idea as I first thought.  Some people were supportive, some people thought I was nuts.  All and all I made it through the day with no shakes.  I did about 50 minutes at the gym doing some moderate cardio on the treadmill and elliptical.  I burned 588 calories.

Any ideas for workout routines?  I’m all ears and by no means an expert in this realm.

Day 2

9/24/2013: Started out with a good weigh-in this morning. However, a stressful day at work tried my willpower but I was able to plow through. As a bonus, I was coherent enough to catch up on some work while watching the Reds game after my kids went to bed. No exercise today as a day of recovery was in order. Feeling good so far!

Day 3

9/25/2013: Today presented a unique set of challenges as two participated in two of my favorite pastimes – baseball and free drinks on someone else’s tab. A work-related event provided Champion’s Club tickets and an all you can drink wrist band. I told some people about my challenge, others that I just had stuff to do later. I probably ate a little too much junk food but not booze. Had a mildly successful workout tonight for about 45mins burning 417 calories.

I also had the stupid idea to try this 30 day plank challenge. Why not?!

Day 4

9/26/2013: Ate a ridonkulous dinner at Jeff Ruby’s and took my bride of 9 years to see a musical.  She enjoyed drinks at Righteous Room and 21c rooftop bar while I enjoyed water.  She also felt the need to tell people I was dry for 30 days so I could feel like a court-ordered degenerate.  Happy days!

Day 5

9/27/2013: A long day/week at work and wound up kids had me dreaming of beers but I some how plowed through the temptation.  This was not an easy one.

Day 6

9/28/2013: Got up early and ran 4 miles so that felt good.  Busy day ahead with the family and a party later tonight where I’m sure I wish I was drinking.  This ought to be interesting!

Day 7

9/29/2013: A pathetic showing by the Reds and Bengals on the same day had me wanting to drink. Instead, I took out my frustrations on a bucket of rotel/velveeta dip! Not a great idea but still try.

Day 8

9/30/2013: I’m finding it more difficult to remember what day I’m on so I guess that’s a good sign. Had some unexpected news today that had me wanting a drink to celebrate and commiserate at the same time! Still doing the planking challenge too. Also, buying beer for when this thing is over was therapeutic.

Day 9

10/1/2013: It’s getting easier to get through the day without wanting a drink. On the flip side it’s getting easier to want to have a drink as a reward for cruising through the past week. Go Reds!

Day 10

10/2/2013: I capped off a tough day at work with an evening with the kids. We went to the Crossroads westside ground breaking and they pulled out all the stops with Wild Mikes wings and Yuengling/Bud Light. For free! Take that Catholics! Fortunately, the beverage options made it easy to opt for water.

Day 11

10/3/2013: Day job isn’t getting any easier and this would have been “a beer or four” kind of night. So I redirected my energy into a high intensity 50 minute workout. Problem solved.

Day 12

10/4/2013: I had the privilege of meeting reader Jason (@cyclones60 on Twitter) who won my Zombie Dust giveaway. I’m sure he will enjoy them after a long day at work! Two week mark is coming up soon and I’m feeling good!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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