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Arthur’s Goes All Local Taps

Arthur's Tap HandlesThis is pretty big news for the local brewing community.  Beginning today, Hyde Park neighborhood bar, Arthur’s, has switched all their taps to only locally produced beers bringing an unprecedented spotlight to the local craft beer movement in Cincinnati.  Gone are the gag-inducing Blue Moon and Bud Light.  In it’s place, a rotating assortment of FRESH, local beer.

A quick side note on fresh beer.  Scott from Blank Slate put fresh beer into context after the Stone’s Enjoy By rage (which I fully participated in).  This just further supports his point.

This means Cincinnati is finally past the Mark Twain 10-year curse and we are on par with other big beer cities west (okay, and east) of us.  It also helps support the local businesses that are the backbone of our community and economy.  It’s a great day to be thirsty!

Current breweries represented:

Christian Moerlein, Mt. Carmel, Rivertown, 50 West, Blank Slate, and Triple Digit.

I believe newcomer Mad Tree may be represented soon.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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