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Author: Mike Stuart

hopslam4 17

Exbeeriment: A Tale of Two Hopslams

My hypothesis is that fresher Hopslam tastes better than older Hopslam.  So much so that days make a difference.  I am comparing some bottled 12/27/2013 to 1/11/2014.  Both bottles opened at the same time (1/23/2014)...

MadTree Lift Can Design 0

Official MadTree Lift Can Design

Today brings us MadTree Lift can design hot on the heels of yesterday’s Sprye revelation. This favorite Kolsch will be canned year-round next to PsycHOPAthy, Happy Amber, and Gnarly Brown. Spend some time checking out...

MadTree-Sprye-Can-Design 1

Official MadTree Sprye Can Design

You probably saw the prototype spy shot of MadTree’s Sprye and Lift cans I posted this past weekend. Well now we have the federally approved can design for Sprye. It’s already making me thirsty for...

deschutes_release_cincinnati 0

Details on Deschutes Launch Events

Deschutes Brewery is geared up and ready to have some fun introducing its beers to craft beer fans in Ohio and Kentucky in less than two weeks. Everyone’s invited to come to any and all of...