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Ballast Point – Sculpin – 98



Well, well, well – look who’s late to the Sculpin party. Yeah, me. I’ve long heard friends and online strangers extoll the virtues of another San Diego super IPA. I scoffed thinking it was probably just a good beer on par with a 60 minute or the like. Surely, it wasn’t top tier like something made by the evil geniuses at Three Floyds.

I was so completely wrong. This stuff packs a huge floral and citrus hop nose that rivals (beats?) Zombie Dust. The hop forward flavor lights up your front taste buds and then gives that back a kick in shins on the way down. The color is a wonderful deep orange and a healthy head forms with a solid pour. Did I mention the hops? Seriously there are tons of hops. This is hop head’s dream. A hop head’s Miller Lite. I could drink this on a very regular basis. A local professional brewer told me their clone recipe utilized 24oz of hops in a six gallon batch. That is just insane!! An average IPA recipe might have 4-6oz.

The other cool thing about the beer is the brewery itself. The entire operation began as a couple of guys who opened a homebrew supply store as a matter of necessity in 1992. They also began brewing some really good beers so they opened a tiny brewery in the back of the store. Their well made beers led to huge demand and forced them to scale the operation into a full fledged brewery. They are actually living the dream.

This came free as part of an obscene beer care package from my brother but I have seen six packs locally running the usual $10 range. Grab it if you see it!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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