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Beer Gear: The CarryAll Growler Carrier

I was recently provided a new CarryAll growler carrier to test out and I’ve found this to be a simple solution to carrying around multiple 64oz standard growler jugs. A durable, yet light, plastic basket snugly and securely holds growlers in place for when you need to safely haul one or two at a time.

[pullquote-right]The CarryAll is a sturdy carry case made of strong, recyclable Polycarbonate, and corrals your growlers in an easy-to-carry basket.[/pullquote-right]Despite being plastic and light, it feels well constructed. The walls of the basket reach up to where the neck begins to slope up to ensure the growler remains stable. It has a large, comfortable, plastic handle in the middle for added balance. This eliminates the fatigue that comes from cramming a few sausage fingers into a small loop handle.

One thing I liked about this carrier is that it can be used for both the walking and driving beer lover. The handle makes it simple to stroll a few blocks back and forth to your favorite brewery, bar, or growler station. However, it was surprisingly stable on the floor of my car and also fit well in the seat when buckled in.

[pullquote-left]With the CarryAll, you can buckle your beer into the back seat, and safely carry two growlers without bobbling your keys and risking a growler disaster.[/pullquote-left]Retailers should be interested since there is ample branding room on each side as well as making it easier to convince your customers to grab another growler of that rare beer you’re pouring.

You can purchase these online now for $19.95 but I find the price point a bit steep for a fairly basic plastic carrier. I would like to see these down in the $5-$10 range so they become an easy impulse item when you are grabbing a couple growlers to go. Keep your eyes peeled to see if they show up around these parts.

To be clear, this was provided to me free of charge. I’m happy to review beers, beer gear, and other interesting items if you want to provide them to me. I will give my honest opinion, good or bad.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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