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Bell’s Hopslam 2015 Release Information

It’s time to get really, really excited for Bell’s Hopslam – the mammoth hop and honey dosed double IPA released once a year. What was once a shot across the bow at Stone’s Greg Koch (who thought the Midwest couldn’t brew a good IPA), it has turned into one of the most anticipated beer releases each year.

While production has increased over the years to satisfy demand, I am told the production volume is the same as last year. It started getting bottled today and will find its way to Cincinnati-area shelves on February 9, according to Premium Beverage Supply who distributes Bell’s beers. Mark your calendars – the Cincinnati Bell’s Hopslam release date is February 9, 2015.

hopslam4While Bell’s encourages you to drink it as fresh as possible – don’t fear this few week gap in time. I learned the hard way that Bell’s takes quality extremely seriously and it will be brewery fresh when it finally arrives. I also recommend experimenting with aging a bottle for a year or more. It develops a really interesting honey-barley wine flavor.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions provided by Bell’s…

Q: Is there more this year?

A: We try to brew more every year, although it will still be limited.

Q: When/where will Hopslam be available?

A: As with all of our beers, that too will also depend on when our distributors from each area are able to pick it up at our brewery, then deliver it to its final destination. Hopslam will make its way to all states we currently distribute to including southern California (but only in Imperial and San Diego counties this year).

Here is how shipping schedules breakdown by state (please note, this is when shipping begins).

Week of Jan. 12: Michigan and Missouri

Week of Jan. 19: Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California

Week of Jan. 26: Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Puerto Rico and Arizona

Week of Feb. 2: Minnesota, North Dakota and Indiana

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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