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Better beer stores need to cater to the lazy, socially

So the recent Queen City Drinks rant about “rare” beers [and this anti-Kroger rant] got me fired up and I thought of another thing that irritates me about Cincinnati’s better beer establishments. Namely, their inability to use social media to promote/advertise new product in an unobtrusive and painless manner.

Okay, so what exactly am I suggesting? Just take a damn picture and push it out. Stay with me for a moment. I am a consumer with limited time resources (or, I’m lazy) that doesn’t want to drive to your place on a whim. I hate when I leave a place disappointed and empty handed because there wasn’t anything exciting or worthwhile to buy. As an example, I follow a beer store in North Carolina on Twitter.

Why on earth would I care what beers are carried at a store hundreds of miles away? Because they post pictures, on a regular basis, of all the new beers that come in stock. I have a beer loving friend in the area willing to shop for me. If I see something I like or can’t get locally, I can fire off a text and that store makes a sale. Take a picture and make a profit. What small business wouldn’t be thrilled to have that sort of return??

Some of the locals make haphazard attempts at this but I haven’t seen anything great. Shameless plug: I can help you, local business. I have seen some places post lists from time to time but we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. As a bonus, you should show a little price tag. I’m cheap but I’m open to spending on quality beer and the price at least gives me an idea of what to expect instead of being surprised in-store.

This doesn’t just go for stores as bars should take heed as well. In general, bars do a better job than the retail establishments but there is always room for improvement in connecting to potential customers. Biz owners: You’re missing the boat when you don’t snap a picture. And don’t do it once a month. If you’re distributors are dropping stuff off every other day, then post every other day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Am I right or am I wrong? Or am I just stupid and don’t know where to look?!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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