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Blinded by the Flights – Part 1

On the same visit as the Three Floyds tap takeover at Cock and Bull, the wife and I also decided to do some flights to hit up some new beers.  Flights are fun but always a bit rushed and confusing.  So here are my grades and remarks from what was sampled.


Beer Flight #1 - Cock and Bull
I ordered after my lady made her selections and rather than follow my hop head subconscious, I wanted to get to know some new and more seasonal beers.

Hoppin Frog – Goose Juice: I am really big fan of Hoppin Frog so I was excited to try this stuff.  It is billed as a Rye IPA coming in at 60 IBU and 7% ABV.  The ABV was noticeable and I could taste some Belgian malt characteristics but it just didn’t do anything for me.  I was  all around disappointed as there wasn’t the wow factor I’m used to with this brewery.  Good, yes.  Great, nah.  GRADE: 82

Bell’s – Hell Hath No Fury: “… like a woman’s scorn for Sega.”  Ok that was a fairly obscure movie quote.  Moving along.  This stuff was AWESOME.  Hands down my favorite of the lot.   This is a winter-slaying Belgian strong with 7.7% ABV.  The warmth was balanced with the rest of the beer which had some great dark fruit notes with just a touch of sweetness.  I could easily down snifters of this stuff until I fall over.  It was just a really damn good beer. Bell’s doesn’t disappoint once again.  GRADE: 92

Alltech/Lexington Brewery – Hopfield and McCoy: I had heard some good things about this and new it came from just south into Kentucky so I was eager to try it.  If the name is any indication it has to be a decent beer.  My taste buds were probably pretty blasted after the other flight beers and the prior Zombie Dust but it didn’t blow me away.  It was good, don’t get me wrong.  However, nothing made it stand out.  It had good hop character and decent IBUs.  My later research revealed it was an 8.2% ABV creeper beast by the same folks that brew Kentucky Bourbon Ale.  Had I know this upfront I probably wouldn’t have ordered it since I’m not impressed by their other stuff.  Further, I see it was the result of a contest and the recipe was created by the folks at Cock and Bull.  Long story short, pretty solid.  GRADE: 86

Great Divide – Hibernation: Great Divide has a lot of well known and revered strong beers (i.e. the Yeti series), so this Old Ale caught my eyes immediately.  It was actually the first glass I reached for when it came out.  I’ve seen it rated high on the popular places so I expected some serious mouth pleasure (wow that sounds bad, but it’s all I got).  It’s an 8.7% ABV biggun which was about all I got out of it.  Very boozy with some hints of dark fruit flavors but that was it.  It kind of fell flat and didn’t come with the complexity I was expecting, especially after lining it up next to the Bell’s.  I probably need to try it again on it’s own to give it a fair shake. GRADE: 85


The flight was VERY reasonably priced at $8 for four 5oz pours of some premiums.  Stay tuned for Flight #2

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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