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Bottle Openers That Support Veterans + GIVEAWAY

San Diego, CA based Bullets2Bandages has created a line of unique bottle openers with a business model that gives back to the veterans who served to protect our freedom. They donate 15-40% of their profits to a variety of veteran-centric charities. You can open a bottle with anything from a plastic lighter to your teeth, but why not choose something that shows a healthy dose of respect for our vets?

.50 Caliber Power

bullets2bandages-50cal-front_packageTheir flagship opener is made from the brass casing of a once fired .50 caliber bullet. This bullet is used as the payload in a variety of machine guns and sniper rifles. It can have devastating results when another object gets in its path but fortunately it has been retired to shredding crown caps.

The guys behind Bullets2Bandages, former Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers, sent me a gorgeous gloss black opener. This is an impressive piece of hardware with a nice weight and balance to it. It’s approximately 5.5″ in length and has a well trimmed mouth to grip and rip a crown cap. It fits nicely in the hand and won’t split. The durable casing will hold up to repeated abuse for a lifetime of use. It comes in many finishes and you can also opt for custom engraving!

Gentle Barrel Buddy

bullets2bandages-bourbon-barrel-bottle-openerThey have also just launched a new opener that features a bourbon barrel handle with a 7.62mm casing that will pull your caps off without damaging or bending the crown — a must have for any cap collector. Used bourbon barrel wood is used to make the handle and you can even have it engraved with up to 20 characters.

Other Products

These also sell a variety of other products, such as shirts, dog collars, key chains, and cuff links to help their mission of giving to veterans’ charities. You can check out their products and keep up with their mission a few different ways:


While I was extremely grateful to receive the free opener I figured someone here deserved a chance at owning it. For your chance to win, just comment below to say “Thank you, Veterans!” or thank a specific veteran in your life. A winner will be drawn at random on or around February 8, 2015.

Take a look at Bullets2Bandages and consider making a purchase if you like their items or if you’re looking for a great gift idea!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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