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Brass Tap Cincinnati Adds Bottleshop and Growler Fills

Clifton’s The Brass Tap Cincinnati has recently adjusted their business model with a slant on beers to-go.  They now sell all bottles at state minimum prices and will allow any of their draft beers to be sold in growlers to go (yes, even the rare beers).  This positions the Brass Tap to be in a pretty unique position of full-service beer bar and bottle shop.


They currently stock close to 300 bottles which are now sold at carryout (state minimum) prices.  Although, for a $3 corking fee you can enjoy them on-premise.  This move should allow them to rotate a much larger stock and pull in more rare bottles on a regular basis.

Bottles may be purchased individually, in four/six packs, or you can make your own six pack. As a fan of trying new beers, this is an excellent way to go.  I appreciate it when retailers are willing to break apart multi-packs so you can try just one or two of a new beer.

Growler Fills

They have decided to open up all 80 taps to growler fills, including the rare kegs, which is pretty remarkable.  This means you’ll have unbridled access to all the local breweries that are always on tap not to mention crazy stuff like Fatheads Hop JuJu and Three Floyds Live a Rich Life (according to their menu, they’re still on right now!).  They are waiting for growlers to come in but for now you are welcome to bring your own.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend you check out this stainless steel bad boy! I got one as a gift for a friend and I’m probably going to have to buy one for myself after checking his out this weekend.  The thing is durable, holds temperature for hours, and is easy to sanitize.

 About The Brass Tap Cincinnati

If you haven’t visited The Brass Tap yet, I suggest you pencil it in soon. Open only six months or so, it has brought in some serious craft beer firepower. Their 80 taps generally have 30 locals and 50 other rotating selections of high quality beers (plus some ciders and meads).

The atmosphere also makes it a comfortable place to knock back a few. I love that they have a “garage door” front that can provide open air when the weather cooperates. It reminds me of great Chicago and San Diego beer bars that take advantage of the elements.

Plus it’s right next to the campus of the University of Cincinnati which always makes me feel nostalgic. Definitely worth a trip!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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