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Bye for now… takes a sabbatical

the_royal_path_of_life-book[dropcap]I[/dropcap] write today with mixed emotions as a three year run of sharing the very exciting Cincinnati craft brewing renaissance comes to an end. This hobby of mine recently transformed into a a full-fledged professional career. I’ve accepted a position with the good people at MadTree Brewing Company and I couldn’t be more excited to join their family.

I am leaving behind the comforts of corporate life to chase a dream in an industry I’ve come to love and admire. I’ve always heard folks say, “It’s not work when you do what you love.” I’m getting the opportunity to do this at what I truly believe to be one of city’s best breweries (okay, THE BEST).

Naturally, this new role creates a conflict of interest when I’m sharing information on other local breweries, both near and far. Therefore, the Brew Professor blog will be frozen in time. For the most part this means no new updates on the random happenings of the Cincinnati craft beer movement and no event listings.

Perhaps, I will return from time to time with the occasional editorial to express my own opinions on general brewery topics or talk about some new homebrew hack. However, things will come to a halt for the most part.

It’s been an incredible journey over the past three years. I’ve met great people working in the industry along with many, many more that just enjoy a quality beer. I appreciate all of you taking the time to read my ramblings. None of this would be possible without you! I have no blog and I have no stories if you aren’t here to read it.

I would also like to thank my generous sponsors over the years: Cappy’s Loveland, The Brass Tap – U Square, Wild Mike’s Shady Lane, Uber, and Cincy Brew Bus. They made it possible to keep the lights on for the site and cover the occasional beer to keep my writing. These are all top-notch businesses that truly care about quality craft beer (or at least driving you home after a few) and they deserve your business. If you haven’t visited them yet, do so soon. You will NOT be disappointed.

Where do you go now?

Good question. Fortunately, we have many passionate individuals in the area that like to write about craft beer. You can always get quality information from my friends at Queen City Drinks, Queen City Fresh, Love Beer Love Food, BeerQuest ABV, BeerMumbo, WCPO #9beer, Hoperatives, and The Gnarly Gnome. These are good people that take time out of their busy lives to share their love of craft beer. If you’re on Facebook, you may want to check out the Greater Cincinnati Craft Beer Society group which generally keeps up with what’s going on in the area.

If you want to see what I’m still up to, I will probably morph my Twitter and Instagram accounts into something more personal. Feel free to follow along if you don’t already.

Follow me to MadTree

While I slow things down here, you might see some of my work show up at MadTree as some of my responsibilities will include social media. I hope you will follow along with me at MadTree as they introduce many exciting things in the coming months. Like, seriously huge, mega exciting things… More to come on that later… Bye for now.

Free high-five for anyone that gets the “Bye for now” reference…

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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