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Cannons Fire on Ohio Thanks to Mission Brewery

Cincinnati, and all of Ohio, has been blessed with a barrage of CANnons in the form of super-sized 32oz beers cans from San Diego’s Mission Brewery.  Upon first glance, this looks to be the drunk bum’s fantasy can but it’s actually designed to suit the needs of the craft beer drinker.  The folks at Mission  were kind enough to share a couple Cannons and I’m happy to share my thoughts before you plunk down your hard earned cash for a big-ass can.

Meet Mission

Let me provide a quick background on Mission before I dive into these massive cans.  Mission was founded in 2007 by the husband and wife team of Dan and Sarah Selis.  They took up residence in a historic building constructed in 1894 in downtown San Diego’s Gas Lamp District.  The building is on the National Historic Register and previously served duty as a Wonder Bread bakery.  This allowed them to repurpose the old flour silo into a grain silo and mill.  The relatively young brewery pumped out 8,900 barrels in 2013 and expects to reach 16,000 barrels in 2014.  Nothing to sneeze at!

The Vessel

Cannons vs. Cans

Cannons vs. Cans

Most folks will likely identify cans larger than 16oz as being filled full of cheap garbage malt liquor.  Well it’s time to take a second look at these behemoth aluminum cans.  At first, the 32oz can seemed like a gimmick.  Why on earth would someone need a can of that size?

That collection of funny and ironic can coozies is rendered worthless. You can’t stuff three per coat sleeve to sneak a sixer into a college football game. Shotgunning this volume becomes a REALLY bad idea.

Don’t think of this as a regular can but think of it as a more efficient and fresh growler-like container.  Your normal howler (half-growler) is 32oz.  The Cannon is 32oz.  See where I’m going with this?

[pullquote-right]The cans also make 32-ounce curls possible, sound extra loud when tied to newlywed bumpers, and you can water the lawn with the empties.[/pullquote-right]You are now able to harness the light and oxygen fighting power of a sealed aluminum can to deliver fresh beer a greater distance and with better shelf stability.  Mission’s national sales director, Martin Saylor, shares, “they also allow us to ship about 50% more beer per case, at less weight, than a case of 22-ounce bombers.”  See, it’s good for the environment AND your liver!

I will also add that the cans have a nice heft and holding one can get the testosterone flowing.  This is probably less impressive to the ladies but I will have to ask my wife.

So the can itself is fine and dandy, but let’s look at what’s inside.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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