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Cannons Fire on Ohio Thanks to Mission Brewery

The Beers

Mission has begun shipping it’s El Conquistador Extra Pale Ale and Shipwrecked Doulbe IPA in the Cannons.  Since I’m flying solo through this review, I opted to crack open the very sessional be 4.8% ABV El Conquistador (that’s “The Conqueror” for those of you that took French in high school).  The first thing I noticed was a huge hop burst aroma when I cracked open the can.  That was a tell-tale sign of what lies inside.  I pours a beautiful orange with a big, fluffy white heard that left some excellent intricate lacing in my glass.  This extra pale ale delivers a solid citrus hop flavor upfront that then washes over with a biscuity malt flavor and then finish dry and bitter.  This is an EXTRA pale ale for a reason as it is damn near an IPA.  However, that low ABV and refreshingly thin body makes it perfect summer drinker.

Mission, Riki Wyatt, El Conquistador cannon, 150 dpi

Complex, thrilling and sublimely drinkable, El Conquistador is built with pale malts, a touch of crystal malt, and a few treasure chests of Centennial and experimental hops.

This beer achieves a solid 87/100 for its easy drinking body, sessionable ABV, and strong hop flavor and aroma to satisfy your inner hop monster.

I would definitely buy this one again as it is a fine representation of a West Coast pale ale.  The big can makes it perfect for sharing with friends when you’re locked inside the house during the winter or for slamming solo after spending an hour cutting the grass in some oppressive heat.

I will follow-up on Shipwrecked when I find a volunteer to help me with the 9.25% ABV Double IPA but I’ve had some drinks of it before and it delivers, big time.  “Shipwrecked is a session beer, too,” head brewer John Egan says with a grin. “For a much longer session.”  That’s the truth!  Here’s a little snippet on the make-up of Shipwrecked to give you a taste of what it does.

Shipwrecked Double IPA delivers the unctuous hop punch you’d expect in a West Coast IIPA, but with an equally hearty compliment of malted barley. The beer is lush with pine, citrus and candied grapefruit notes from a hop blend that includes Cascade and Magnum hops. These charms meld with chewy caramel notes, a velvety body and a slow bite of finishing hops.

My Conclusion

I like the idea of the Cannons for situations where you want to share or perhaps just need a couple pints to take the edge off of your day.  I think they’re more than a gimmick as I originally thought.  There is a place and purpose for these cans, plus, they’re certainly a conversation starter.  Oh, and the beer is very good too!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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