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Cappy’s has Growlers for Days + CONTEST

Cappy’s Wine and Spirits in Loveland recently installed an impressive, high-tech, growler station at their store. Along with this draft technology comes a slew of high quality craft beers available for carry out at all times. This positions them to be one of Cincinnati’s premier growler filling locations.  Learn a little bit more about their setup plus enter a contest for free beer (keep reading….)!

While many growler stations consist of a simple kegerator, draft tower, and long plastic filling tube dipped into your growler, Cappy’s took it a step further.  They started out with a ‘2.0’ system which includes the highly regarded (and expensive) Pegas filling system. The Pegas is a growler filling system that allows beer to be transferred from keg to growler in peak condition with little to no degradation occurring in the filling process. It uses a counter-pressure filling method to ensure there is almost no oxygen introduced into the beer. Oxygen causes foaming and can ruin the flavor of the beer if left unchecked.

Without nerding out on the technical details of filling beer, you essentially have a “tank-to-keg” filling system like you would find in a brewery. This means the beer will stay VERY fresh in a growler over a long period of time. In fact, I did a little exbeeriment to see how it holds up over time but let’s talk a little bit more about the little details that matter.

See it in action!


Investing in Quality

Beyond the really fancy filling device, it’s important to highlight the high-end installation of the actual beer lines and refrigeration.  They have 16 taps which span a distance of about 65 feet back to their cooler.  If you know anything about fluid dynamics and beer (of which, I know very little) it is very difficult to keep carbonation in solution over that distance.  As the liquid warms, the carbonation comes out of solution and you end up with a tap that spews foam and ruins the beer.

Cappy’s solved this by installing state-of-the-art lines chilled by a refrigerated liquid called glycol.  This means the entire length of the lines, from walk-in to tap, remain at a constant 38ºF temperature.  Additionally, they installed water lines that allow them to completely flush the lines clean in-between regularly scheduled bi-weekly complete system cleaning and sanitation. As a special bonus, the 65ft of lines holds about 40 ounces of beer and so before every cleaning they will transfer the beer in the lines into a 32oz growler sold at a discount! All this adds up to you getting the best tasting, brewery fresh, beer possible.

But, is it all hype or is there a legitimate difference? It’s time for some science!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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