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Catching up with 50 West

Hello my name is 50 West

I recently snagged a few minutes from the busy Blake Horsburgh, one-third of 50 West Brewing Company, to talk about their part in brewing the 2013 Cincinnati Beer Week collaboration brew, Embree’s Northern Dark. I also got some updates on their progress on their tap room. Final inspections were supposed to wrap up this week and if all goes well it will be operational within a few weeks.

How was it working with all the local brewers? I picture a room full of bearded guys drinking beers and throwing out names of obscure grains and yeast strains. How far off from the truth am I?

Collaborating with the local brewers was enjoyable. We all met at Rock Bottom back in September. You’re not far off from the truth in that we all sat down and threw out obscure names of yeast and grains. Unfortunately, not all of us can grow thick beards.

Can you share any more information about the beer/recipe itself? What unique flavors did the group come up with?

We knew we wanted to brew something potent. Something of high ABV, flavor and long ageability. The beer we agreed on by committee is a Baltic Porter. The guys at Rivertown graciously took care of ordering raw materials and hosting the brew. It was a very thick mash and long brew due to the immense grain bill. We chose to emphasize a strong, rich profile including malts that showcase dark fruits and subtle roast. We were honored to be apart of the Cincinnati Beer Week Collaboration Brew. This industry is based on camaraderie. We will always support our local brewers!

Production is expected to be in the neighborhood of 30 barrels so there will be a fair amount to go around but demand is likely to be high again like last year.

Keep up with 50 West on Facebook and Twitter to find out what they’re cooking up.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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