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Category: Breweries

Schlafly Beer 0

Saint @Schlafly the Redeemer

I wrote a few weeks back about a very unfortunate experience with a Schlafly Dry Hopped APA that was way past its prime. It blew up all over my kitchen when I opened it and...

20121205-151034.jpg 0

Quest for the West [updated]

A beer that is arguably the best in the world is being a released in small quantities next week (12/12/2012). Westvleteren XII’s release has the Internets abuzz with speculation and rumor after the Belgian monks...

Cincinnati beer dudes 0

For once, Cincinnati is ahead of the curve

I recently spent the Thanskgiving holiday in the Arlington, VA/Washington D.C. area and of course I had to crowbar in some beer related activities. Prior to my visit I did a fair amount of research...