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Category: Op/Ed

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Beer Gear: The CarryAll Growler Carrier

I was recently provided a new CarryAll growler carrier to test out and I’ve found this to be a simple solution to carrying around multiple 64oz standard growler jugs. A durable, yet light, plastic basket...

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Exbeeriment: A Tale of Two Hopslams

My hypothesis is that fresher Hopslam tastes better than older Hopslam.  So much so that days make a difference.  I am comparing some bottled 12/27/2013 to 1/11/2014.  Both bottles opened at the same time (1/23/2014)...

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Craft Beer Spot: Jeff’s Marathon

All of the #CincyBeerBloggers have posted about their favorite place to buy craft beer in the greater Cincinnati area.  I have chosen to highlight Jeff’s Marathon in the Bridgetown area on the west side of...