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Randall the Enamel Animal 4

Drinkin’ with Randall

The good folks over at Wild Mike’s (Shady Ln. location) will be officially hooking up their Randall the Enamel Animal on Tuesday night (3/19).  Who in the hell is Randall the Enamel Animal?  Not who,...

Three Floyds Brewing Company beers 5

Making a run FFFor the border

It’s no secret I have a total beer-crush on Three Floyds Brewing. You’ve probably heard of the legend of their beers and perhaps have been lucky to sample a few. The Munster, IN based brewery...

beermail package 1

You’ve got beermail

Beer trading seems to be a wildly popular activity in the craft beer scene. I’ve especially noticed this phenomena on Instagram as beer nerds flaunt their trades and send props to the original sender. You...