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Category: Stores/Bars

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Hopslam comes to Cincinnati Monday 1/14

Premium Beverage (Ohio’s Bell’s distributor) has confirmed Hopslam will be hitting Cincinnati store shelves tomorrow (Monday, 1/14)! Expect to find it at these locations (among others): Country Fresh Produce The Root Cellar Whole Foods (both...

Top 5 Craft Beer Bombs 2012 5

Top 5 Biggest Craft Beer Bombs of 2012

Bloggers and mainstream journalists alike get lazy every December and decide to publish some ridiculous year-in-review list. Shocker, I’m no different. However, I’m focusing on a glass-half-empty approach to point out my five most disappointing...

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Quest for the West [updated]

A beer that is arguably the best in the world is being a released in small quantities next week (12/12/2012). Westvleteren XII’s release has the Internets abuzz with speculation and rumor after the Belgian monks...