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Christian Moerlein’s First Canned Beer


We got a hint last week that canned beers were coming soon from Moerlein and the can approval just popped up! It looks like they pulled out the big guns for their first canned beer with a double IPA called Bay of Bengal.  It features a picture of our city’s beloved Bengal tiger  which hails from the Bay of Bengal region of India.

It will be released on December 8.

The can text reads:

The remaining wilderness surrounding the Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal is the last great stronghold for the earth’s most formidable terrestrial predator: The Bengal Tiger. Aggressively hopped, yet surprisingly delicate, this Double India Pale Ale offers a juxtaposition of two opposing forces. Crack open a can. Cry out with a roar. Revel in the partnership of ferocious and the serene. Enjoy.

This sounds awesome and I’m pretty excited to take a sip of this new can. Viva canned beers!


Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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