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Cincinnati Beer Week 2014 Collaboration Beer – Hostivit

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The Cincinnati Beer Week 2014 collaboration beer label has been approved. Here’s Hostivit, an imperial pilsner! This is the third beer created by local breweries to celebrate the annual Cincinnati Beer Week events.  Bottles should be delivered to better beer stores throughout the greater Cincinnati area beginning Monday, January 27.

Cincinnati_Beer_Week-2014-Hostivit-label Cincinnati_Beer_Week-2014-Hostivit-label-neck

The participating breweries include:[column size=”one-half”]

  • Blank Slate Brewing Co.
  • Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.
  • Double Barrel Brewery
  • Fifty West Brewing Co.
  • Listermann Brewing Co.
  • MadTree Brewing Co.

[/column][column size=”one-half” last=”true”]

    • Moerlein Lager House Brewery
    • Mt. Carmel Brewing Co.
    • Rhinegiest Brewery
    • Rivertown Brewing Co.
    • Triple Digit Brewing Co.


Vital Stats

  • ABV  7.3%
  • IBU  31
  • OG  1.071 or 17.3P

Traditional Bohemian Pilsner is recognized by its rich, complex maltiness, but yet refreshing. Typical soft, rounded bitterness, and spicy flavor is imparted by the generous addition of Saaz hops.  [pullquote-right]ABV normally does not exceed 5.4%[/pullquote-right]For our collaboration brew, we opted to create a “bigger” Pils. This “Imperial” Pils will be close to 7.3% ABV; a slight sweet finish will balance the alcohol to produce a dangerously easy drinking offering. The addition of 5% Rye malt also gives an unusual dimension/layer that complements very well the distinctive flavor of Saaz. Zythos was liberally used to showcase a beautiful tropical, citrusy, slight piny aroma.


The name, Hostivit, plays on the origin of Pilsner: people getting together to celebrate. “Host” means guests and “vitat” means welcome. Hostivit was the last of seven Bohemian mythical princes founder of the first historical Bohemian/Moravian dynasty.

Collaboration Beer Facts

Here are some random fun facts about the Cincinnati Beer Week collaboration beer.

  • It was brewed at the Christian Moerlein OTR production brewery at 1621 Moore St.
  • There were 60 bbls of the collaboration imperial pilsner brewed.
  • Most of it was bottles but some should make it’s way out in kegs.
  • Ohio state minimum will be $9.99/six-pack, so hopefully most retailers follow that guideline.
  • The official Cincinnati Beer Week glass will be a pilsner glass, naturally.
  • A few of the participating breweries created their own version of the beer and will be debuting it during the sold out Tap Room Trolley.

It’s pretty interesting to see how the explosion of craft beer breweries have changed in just a few short years.  Take a look at the labels from the 2012 and 2013 to see how things have changed!  We are very fortunate to have such a thriving craft beer scene in Cincinnati.  Hopefully next year we will see Cellar Dweller and Ei8ht Ball Brewing on the docket!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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