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Cincinnati Beer Week 2015 Collaboration Can Design Revealed


I posted on social media last week that the 2015 Cincinnati Beer Week beer had been revealed and that it would be brewed and canned by MadTree. We now have the official can design approval and it is handsome! It’s also humbling and exciting to see that Cincinnati has 15!! breweries that participated in the collaboration.

The beer itself is billed as, “a unique beer inspired by a scrumptious berry pastry, Black Tart is a tart stout brewed with blackberries, cinnamon & lactose.” I talked with one of the brewers that said they anticipate it landing at about a 3 on pH scale, but that could be adjusted – so don’t be scared.

The can description reads:

BlackTart Stout is a collaborative effort among fifteen Cincinnati, Ohio breweries as part of the celebration during Cincinnati Beer Week. Each star represents our individual breweries. Together they represent a partnership between some of the finest craft breweries in our state. An amalgamation of breweries. A dichotomous combination of flavors. Tart and refreshing yet full bodied and malty. It’s not black magic, it’s Blacktart.

Check out the evolution of labels over the past three years – it’s really pretty remarkable!


Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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