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Cincinnati Brewery Taproom Information and Prices

Now that Cincinnati is flush with craft beer breweries, nearly all of whom have on-premise taprooms it can be difficult to keep their times and prices straight.  I’ve done the hard work and pulled all of this information together for you in one handy guide.

Below are the prices for individual beers and growlers at Cincinnati’s brewery taprooms*.  Oh, and if you’re looking for some guidance or just want a DD, consider Cincy Brew Bus or  Craft Connection.

Blank Slate Brewing Company 4233 Airport Rd, Unit C
Cincinnati, OH 45226
Thurs: 5p-10p
Fri: 5p-11p
Sat: 1p-11p
Pints: $5-$6 Regular: $9-$10
Specialty: $11
Braxton Brewing Company 27 W. 7th St
Covington, KY 41011
Tues: 8a-10p
Weds: 8a-10p
Thurs: 8a-12a
Fri: 8a-1a
Sat: 12p-1a
Sun: 12a-8p
Pints: $5.50 Regular: $12
Cellar Dweller 2276 E. US 22 & 3
Morrow, OH 45152
Mon: 11a-6p
Tues: 11a-6p
Wed: 11a-6p
Thurs: 11a-10p
Fri: 11a-11p
Sat: 11a-11p
Sun: 1p-6p
Pints: $4-$6 Regular: $11.99-$15.99
Specialty: $19.99
Christian Moerlein
(OTR Taproom)
1621 Moore St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Weds: 4p-10p
Thurs: 4p-10p
Fri: 4p-12a
Sat: 12p-12ap
Sun: 1p-6p
Pints: $5 Regular: $7 (Fri) $10 (Sat/Sun)
Bad Tom (formerly Double Barrel) 4720 Eastern Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45226
Tues: 5p-10p
Wed: 5p-10p
Thurs: 5p-10p
Fri: 3p-11p
Sat: 12p to 11p
Sun: 12p-6p
Pints: $5-$7
1/2 Pints: $3-$4
Regular: $8-$13
Fifty West 7668 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45227
Tues: 11a-12a
Wed: 11a-12a
Thurs: 11a-12a
Fri: 11a-2a
Sat: 11a-2a
Sun: 11a-9p
Pints: $5
Specialty: $7
Regular: $10
Triple Digit
1621 Dana Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45207
Mon: 10a-8p
Tues: 10a-8p
Wed: 10a-8p
Thurs: 10a-8p
Fri: 10a-10p
Sat: 10a-10p
Sun: 12p-8p
Pints: $4-$6
Tasters: $1All beers $4 on Sundays
Regular (32oz): $8-$13
Regular (64oz): $13-$18
MadTree 5164 Kennedy Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45213
Tues: 4p-10p
Wed: 4p-10p
Thurs: 12p-12a
Fri: 12p-1a
Sat: 12p-1a
Sun: 12p-8p
Pints: $5-$6
Snifters: $6-$8
Regular: $10-$12.50
Specialty: $15
Mt. Carmel 4362 Mt Carmel Tobasco Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45244
Wed: 4p-10p
Thurs: 4p-10p
Fri: 4p-11p
Sat: 12p-10p
Pints: $4.50
Tasters: $2.25
Regular: $8.50
Specialty: $18
Rhinegeist 1910 Elm St
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Mon: 4p-11p
Tues: 4p-11p
Weds: 4p-11p
Thurs: 4p-11p
Fri: 4p-12a
Sat: 12p-12a
Sun: 12p-7p
Pints: $6 Regular (32oz): $6-$8
Regular (64oz): $10-$12
Specialty: varies
Rivertown 607 Shepherd Dr, Unit 6
Lockland Ohio 45215
Tues: 11a-12a
Wed 11a-12a
Thurs: 11a-12a
Fri: 11a-2a
Sat: 11a-2a
Sun: 11a-9p
Pints: $4-$5
Small Sours: $2.50
Regular: $7.99
Specialty: $10.99

* Note, all prices are subject to change and information above is thought to be accurate as of 6/22/2015.  Call, email, or send a telegram ahead of time if you’re really uptight.  Otherwise, just check out the tap room and be prepared to have a great time!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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