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Dry for 30: The Ultimate Test and Beer Giveaway

zombie_dust-three_floyds-brewprofYes, you read the title of this post correctly. Stop laughing.  Seriously.  I’ve recently been toying with the idea of putting myself through the mentally and physically ridiculous task of not drinking any beer (or alcohol period) for 30 days. Why on earth would a beer blogger voluntarily torture himself for a month? A few reasons:

Trim down the beer fat: I’m up about 15 pounds over my fighting weight. Some basic dieting and exercise hasn’t made much of a dent so it’s time to take more extreme measures. My current path of wanton consumption is sure to lead me to diabetes, a closet full of sweat pants and Hawaiian shirts, and seat-belt extenders on commercial flights.

Increase my fitness: I nearly had a coronary when I recently ran the Hudy 7k. Last year I was able to run the 14k successfully. This kind of ties into the item above but I also enjoy running as a recreational activity. I find it provides me some positive mental health benefits in addition to the physical ones.

Reset my tolerance: A steady diet of doubles, trippels, quads, and imperials has made me an expensive date. A Tuesday night bomber of a double-digit ABV beer should be split between two people, drank slowly over a long evening, or corked to be finished another night rather than a pre-gamer before dinner.

Just to test myself: I originally got the idea from my favorite radio program, The Howard Stern Show. One of the personalities is a huge craft beer fan and was offered the opportunity to sit in for an in-studio performance from his all-time favorite band, Metallica, if he simply didn’t drink for 30 days. The crazy Kansan went back and forth but found he couldn’t give it up since it was pumpkin beer season (his faaaaaavorite) plus he had a few beer dinners and festivals already planned. I feel like I’m in a similar predicament with fresh hop beers coming and the multitude of beer events in Cincinnati. So, I am going to see if it’s really a struggle to make it 30 days.  I fully expect it to be a serious challenge at times.


Get off your high horse 

Now, let’s be clear that I don’t fancy myself as some sort of holier-than-thou type. I did strategically plan this to end just before a Halloween party I’m hosting. I also plan to continue talking about and brewing beer during this period – I just can’t pour any down my throat. I intend to be painfully honest and use this public post to keep me accountable.

Also – I apologize in advance for the negative economic impact to the local stores, restaurants, bars, and breweries.


Beer Giveaway (why you’ve really read this far….)

I tend to hoard beers and many that I purchase are hop heavy that are meant to be drank quickly. Guess what, my loss is your gain! I have two bottles of Zombie Dust to give away at random to anyone who comments below with words of encouragement or discouragement (I’ll draw the winner on or around 9/27).  You have to be at least 21, live in the immediate Cincinnati area to make delivery convenient, and any other stipulations that the law may require.  Feel free to share this with friends so they can enter, or be a jerk and tell no one to increase your odds.

CONGRATS JASON ALTHERR! YOU ARE THE WINNER!  Thanks for playing everyone!


Misery loves company

Anyone interested in joining me in my quest? Anyone interested in hearing updates on my progress? Anyone interested in this at all?


The countdown begins… wish me luck!


Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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