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Evolution of a Brewery: Rhinegeist

It’s been a while since I last visited Rhinegeist and shared the plans of the in-progress brewery.  I’ve had the chance to speak with head brewer, Jim Matt, on a few occasions and I’m still very excited for this brewery to start cranking out some beers.  The last time I was at their OTR facility they had a concrete pad, a whole bunch of space, an amazing vision, and a head brewer – that’s about it.  Since then they have been focusing on building out their brewery and have been sharing the progress in a picture form.

Behold the power of Instagram and follow the evolution of a brewery as it moves from concept to an actual brewery. Quick warning: this page make take little a while to load… (Oh and stay with me through the artsy, fartsy stuff – I have info on some of their planned beers at the end)

Just cleared customs. #ohiobound
Old brewery, meet new brewhouse. #thisisotr
#freshtracks #stillwet #sexydrains
The puzzle is coming together...
Springtime birdseye view.
Running some glycol lines today. #lifeblood #thisisotr
Riggers building rigging. #takesbigstufftomovebigequipt
There is something very satisfying about having the brewing platform in place...
View from atop the mash tun. #scissorlift
Brewery of the future, control panel from the past...#builtbackwhenbuttonswerepushable #thisisotr #retrobrau
All tanks finally here...#noli #thisisotr
60 bbl HLT in the building!
Tomorrow this chalk becomes stainless.
Ready, buddy?
Hot Liquor tank hoist.
Cold liquor tank in place
Wednesday = QA/QC day. Upholding the tradition!

Beer Menu Update

From the horse’s mouth, here are some of their planned initial offerings:

Session English Mild – 3.7% ABV

Hoppy Dry Wheat – 5.5% ABV

Mild Golden Ale

West Coast Hop-Forward Dry IPA 7.2% ABV

Belgian Hoppy Tripel

Double IPA

American IPA with British Hops

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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