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Exclusive First Look at MadTree Brewing’s Gnarly Brown Ale

If you’re like me, some days you just want to sit down and rip into a gnarly beer. Thankfully, the evil geniuses at Cincinnati’s fledgling MadTree Brewing Company are ready to disrupt pallets with their bold Brown Ale. Below is an exclusive first look at the label for their Gnarly Brown Ale. Again, this is another piece of fine art that will find itself wrapped around an aluminum can in the near future. Shout out to artists Richard Biever, Christopher Daniel, and John Pattison who all had a hand in this can.

MadTree Brewing Company - Gnarly Brown Ale

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Let’s talk a little bit more about the beer itself. A recurring theme at MadTree, this brew is a by-product of love and good intentions. The recipe began as part of a wedding favor (note to self, divorce wife and remarry her so I can invite them to my wedding) that Jeff and Kenny brewed. A few stray bottles then made their way to a homebrew competition which netted a silver medal. That got them thinking that this could lead to something more. It was time to take this boring, but obviously well-crafted, brown and take it to the next level. It needed darker malts and a bigger OG to transform it into something much more robust.

They tinkered with the grain bill and even added brown sugar at one point (it’s gone now) before landing on something worthy of Gnarly. This “simple” brown packs in six different malts to produce brown sugar and vanilla flavors. Next comes the favorite hops of MadTree – and hopheads everywhere: Chinook and Cascade. For the hardcore hopheads, there is a healthy dose at flameout! A clean, simple yeast performs its magic to bring it to an assertive 7% ABV. You have a complete evolution from Charlie Brown to Gnarly Brown.

Purists may call it a porter. Everyone else will tell them to shut the hell up and drink. I am personally really looking forward to pouring one of these into my gullet as soon as possible. Let’s hope it makes and appearance at the Cincy Winter Beerfest!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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