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EXCLUSIVE: New Brewery Launching in Covington – Braxton Brewing Company

braxton_brewing_company-logo[dropcap]B[/dropcap]raxton Brewing Company is set to launch late 2014 in Covington, KY, bringing together a very talented team that includes brewers Evan Rouse (formerly of Hofbräuhaus Newport) and Richard Dubé (formerly of Christian Moerlein).  I had the opportunity to meet the whole team and take a look at their new brewery space this past weekend. I walked away very impressed with their plans to create quality craft beer and a quality experience for their customers.  And there are still a few tricks up their sleeve that I couldn’t convince them to divulge just yet.

The Team


(L to R): Jake, Evan, Richard, Greg

Evan Rouse, his brother Jake, and father Greg are the core group behind the brewery and the ones who have been perfecting their business plan over the past three years.  Richard Dubé, who left Moerlein at the end of February, had known Evan for some time and even attempted to lure him to Moerlein during his tenure.  However, this time it was Rouse that wooed Dubé just recently as brewery plans were firmed up.  Dubé says, “Evan is looking at the sunrise as I am looking at the sunset.”  He continues, “[Rouse] is one of the youngest and most creative professional brewers in America.”  The Rouse team sees Dubé as an expert mentor and a true asset to help refine their brewing approach.

Jake Rouse brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise after spending many years strategic digital marketing and participating in the tech startup movement.  Greg has been home brewing with Evan for years as they perfected their craft and began racking up hardware at competitions.  They may not be the “faces” of the brewery but make no mistake their involvement is critical.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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