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EXCLUSIVE: New Brewery Launching in Covington – Braxton Brewing Company

Making Connections

braxton_brewing-lift_one_to_lifeThe brewery idea was originally born out of the garage of their home (Braxton Dr. – hence the brewery name) much like Apple, Disney, Harley Davidson, and so on.  From this garage comes an innovative approach to brewing where a hard work ethic and an intense desire to connect with their customers and with the community at large is ever present.  They have even developed a tagline/motto, “Lift one to life,” which embodies the vision of the brewery. With this vision, they plan to make connections with their fans, both near and far, through well crafted beers and some innovative uses of technology.  They wouldn’t elaborate much but it sounds like some sort of proprietary mobile app is in the works, among other things.

The brewery location itself is an attempt to better connect with a community in transition.  The 11,000 sq. ft. Covington location (25 West 7th St – about one block west of The Madison) is part of the city’s Vision 2015 project which aims to organically revitalize the neighborhood.  Projects underway include transforming the old City Hall into an 80-room boutique hotel, a luxury apartment development, and turning the run-down parking lot adjacent to the brewery into a live music venue and food truck stop.

They also want to connect with the flurry of startup technology companies on their street and across the river in Cincinnati.  Things like available private meeting space and gigabit wifi on-premise should catch the attention of craft beer loving tech entrepreneurs.  The connections don’t stop here as they are laying the plans to collaborate with a number of local businesses on projects ranging from mugs to spent grain to growlers.  And these projects just don’t line the pockets of their owners but rather are connected to greater causes that give back in a philanthropic way.

An important connection already forged is with Keith Neltner of the famed Neltner Small Batch agency who did all the design and branding work for Braxton Brewing.  If you’re not familiar with Neltner, they have been making waves with their detailed artistry in the beer and music scenes. I recommend you read the excellent interview by Queen City Fresh and watch the Half Cut mural project video to make yourself more familiar with their work.  Take a gander at some of the gorgeous work created for Braxton Brewing.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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