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EXCLUSIVE: New Brewery Launching in Covington – Braxton Brewing Company

The Brewery and Beers

braxton_brewing-tasting_glassLet’s get down to the good stuff.  They will be on a buying spree this week at the Craft Brewers Conference to build out the brewhouse equipment and intend to purchase a three-vessel 20-bbl brewhouse with a couple of 40-bbl tanks plus a handful of 20-bbls to ensure they can push out a variety of different beers.  They hope to produce 2,500 – 3,000 bbls in the first year. Fun fact: they will be cutting a hole in the floor of the second floor to accommodate the head space of the 40-bbl tanks.

Barrel aging program? Yep. Lots.

Sours? Check. Start salivating Brett freaks.

Packaged beers? Yes… but not initially. No decision yet on cans vs. bottles.

They are still working through their initial beer recipes and haven’t determined what the core lineup will be but they expect to have three to four beers produced on a regular basis.  Outside of that, they look to continually experiment with new styles and techniques.  Expect beers cream ales, to coffee imperial oatmeal stouts, to Belgian doubles, to Maibocks, and everything in between.  Don’t worry hop fiends they know IPAs and Pale Ales, too.

Let’s be clear, this won’t just be the Richard show.  While most of you know Richard Dubé is the experienced rockstar brewer who made Moerlein drinkable and a respected faculty member at the fabled Siebel Institute brewing school, don’t underestimate the chops of Evan Rouse.  In his short professional brewing career he managed to convince the Germans that hops are okay and racked up a boatload of homebrew competition medals (Bockfest, Beer and Sweat, etc).  Evan and Greg also credit much of their success and motivation to their affiliation with the well-respected Northern Kentucky Homebrewers Guild.

I was able to sample a smattering of homebrew beers that will likely be scaled up to production in the future and they were great.  In particular, the hoppy and supper heavy coffee imperial stout and year-old double really shined for me.  I’m definitely excited to see what happens when these two start grinding out recipes together.  I can only imagine what will happen when they start from a blank canvas without restrictions from business-first brewery bosses.

As for distribution, they intend to begin in Kentucky and then branch out from there with hopes to distribute slowly to become a regional brewery.  Again, their focus is on the hyper-local Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati market to ensure they connect with their neighbors. Kentucky doesn’t allow self-distribution so they are currently in talks with distributors to find a partner.  However, they certain hope to be across the ocean (Ohio River) soon to meet the demands of fans.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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