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Fifty West and MadTree Collaborate to Support Starfire

Two of Cincinnati’s hottest new craft beer breweries are combining forces to create a philanthropic beer.  Fifty West Brewing Company and MadTree Brewing Company in conjunction with local non-profit, Starfire Council, that helps adults with disabilities develop social networks and make a bright future possible.  Student Michael Makin has a particular passion for beer so together they have created a “crisp, citrusy Wheat” for a special tasting event on June 5th.  There is even a Facebook contest to name the beer!  The beer sounds delicious and should be awesome given the pedigree of the brewers behind the effort.  Plus, you get to drink for a worthy cause!

The Tasting Event

Tickets are on sale now! $30

The event features a commemorative glass, dinner by the bite, and craft beer tastings including a new custom brew brought to you by Michael Makin and friends, MadTree Brewery and Fifty West Brewing Company to be debuted night of the event.

Also available for purchase are custom growlers celebrating the event as well as basket raffles.

Proceeds support Guardian Angels Follies:

“Angels Follies is a parish service organization whose function is to present an annual musical production. The mission of Angels Follies is to nurture ecumenical unity and goodwill throughout the community and raise funds for appropriate parish needs.”

Event details and Facebook event:

About Starfire U

Starfire U is a four year community building experience for adults with disabilities, that was launched in 2008. With a focus on helping every member build their own social network, Starfire U works with members to pursue a future that is positive and possible. Through exploration, service, community immersion, and collaborative projects, every member has the opportunity to learn about themselves. Daily seminars are offered on topics such as communication, safety, transportation, health, citizenship, and technology. Each year has a particular focus that leads toward building connection in the community:

Year 1. Exploring people’s interests, abilities, and communities
Year 2. Discovering the path to a good life through PATH meetings
Year 3. Cultivating relationships outside of Starfire through personalized community placements
Year 4. Contributing to the community through projects and collaborations

More information:

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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