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For once, Cincinnati is ahead of the curve

I recently spent the Thanskgiving holiday in the Arlington, VA/Washington D.C. area and of course I had to crowbar in some beer related activities. Prior to my visit I did a fair amount of research online to find local breweries, brewpubs, and beer stores. I figured that this would be a craft beer lover’s Mecca since it is a major metropolitan east coast city boasting 5.5 million of the most educated and most affluent people in the country. Hell, it’s our nation’s capital where even the President homebrews!

That’s not quite the case. I was pretty shocked to find out there were five production breweries, one brewpub, and two homebrew shops.

The Nati is famously behind the times for nearly every cultural trend. Except, in this instance. Perhaps the strength of this town’s brewing roots helped us lead the charge in the brewing renaissance. Our metropolitan area has half the number of people with a fraction of the income and education. We have eight production breweries, two brewpubs, and four homebrew shops. That’s pretty damn impressive and something we should be tooting our own horns about. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

Naysayers may suggest our lower levels of education and income are signs that beer is for the blue collar. I might pause for a moment before scoffing at the notion if we were talking about mass produced swill. But, we’re not. This is true craft beer with a broad spectrum of styles. We have very talented brewers working hard every day on some really excellent beers that are defining the country’s craft beer movement. They are steadily increasing production and pushing out new forms of distribution to quench our collective thirsts. If you’ve been to the Cincy Winter Beer Fest, it’s a far cry from a VFW Hall on a Friday night. We even have a formal Cincinnati Beer Week with its own special brew.

Cincinnati isn’t necessarily unique in this arena but we are finally more progressive than a big city. Keep up the good work and remember to drink local beer, support local businesses, and take pride in your city.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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