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Go From Hoppy to Hop Expert


A Cincinnati Beer Week 2015 event will help participants move from identifying “hoppy” beers to a hop expert that can detect the specific aromas and flavors of different hop varieties. After all, the mission of Cincinnati Beer Week is to inspire, celebrate, and educate about well-crafted beers.

Calling a beer “hoppy” is like calling a filet mignon “meaty” — but don’t worry, there is hope for you! In the class, Danny from and I will provide some background on each hop variety’s characteristics and then walk you through the tasting process. You’ll begin to smell and taste beer differently to gain a better appreciation and understanding for what you are drinking.

This class is great for anyone that wants to expand the range of their palate or homebrewers that want to refine their hop skill set.

How It Works

The one-hour course will present participants with a sampling of five nearly flavorless yellow beers — you know, ones “brewed the hard way” — that have been dosed with different varieties of hops. These are then paired with examples of carefully selected commercial beers (4oz pours of each) that feature that hop profile. By isolating and exaggerating the hop characteristic in the sample beer you will then be able to recognize it in a commercial beer that features a more robust malt and/or hop profile.

After walking through five different hop and commercial beer examples (4oz pours) over the course of an hour the class is invited to try their newly gained knowledge at the Brass Tap bar which features over 80 taps and 270 bottles of excellent beers. You can begin to explore your new sensory skills and have fun knocking back some drinks with new friends.


Join us at 7pm on Thursday, February 19th at The Brass Tap – U Square.  Because we need a head count to help prepare the special hopped up samples, registration is required along with a small fee to cover the cost of your samples ($30). BUT you can save $5 by using coupon code BREWPROF at check out.  For $25, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in beer and education!

Register now:

If you have any questions, just shout! Don’t wait too long to register as space will be limited to ensure everyone can participate, ask questions, and have FUN!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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