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Grayscale – Cincinnati’s Next Beer Experience


[Ed: Guest blogger Danny Spears from shares his visit to a new theater, music, and brewing/drinking venue under renovation in Over-the-Rhine. Check out the amazing photo gallery as you tour a building essentially frozen in time since the 1800’s.]


I had the awesome opportunity of spending my lunch break inside of a forgotten (soon to be revitalized) Cincinnati landmark.  If you have not heard about Grayscale Cincinnati and the amazing endevour that Scott Hand and Dominic Marino have taken on, you are seriously missing out on some amazing news and inspiration.


Since I am a history nerd,  I think it would only be prudent to start off with some historical information and pictures to get you in the mood.  So what is the brewery history of this building?  I found this information about the brewing history:

  • Sehmeltzer circa 1829-18??
  • Andrew Jackson Brewery (owned by Meinrad & Fridolin Kleiner) 1832-1855
  • Kleiner Brothers (M. & F.). The Jackson Brewery (282 Hamilton Road) 1855-1873
  • George Weber, Jackson Brewery 1873-1877
  • George Weber, Jackson Brewery
  • Addressed to 284 McMicken Avenue (Hamilton renamed) & Elm St 1877-1884
  • George Weber Brewing Co. 1884-1887
  • Jackson Brewing Co. 1887-1919
  • Brewery operations shut down by National Prohibition in 1919-1933
  • Squibb-Pattison Breweries, Inc. 1933-1934
  • Aka: Old Jackson Brewery 1933-1934
  • Jackson Brewing Corp. 1934-1942
  • Closed in 1942 and has been various businesses since.  Last used in the 1980′s

Grayscale will house a brewery bringing back what this amazing building was originally built to do. Brew beer! Apparently, it will primarily be gravity fed and your beer will literally come fresh from the bright (brite) tanks. Who will the brewmaster be? I’ll just say Cincinnati will not be disappointed.

Vintage Jackson Brewery

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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