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Half Acre – Daisy Cutter – TBD



So let me start this off by saying I was REALLY excited to try this beer. It’s been on my wish list (along with more of their stuff) for some time now but haven’t been near Chicago, nor have I had any friends from the area making their way down here… until recently. A buddy went up for a few days and brought this back (along with a story about cask FFF Zombie Dust; bastard). We were at a work outing at Keeneland and he brought this along for tailgating. It was a shining beacon in a sea of yellow, fizzy shit beer and awkwardly dressed college greeks.

Anyways, this came out after a delicious can of Deviant Dales which was probably a tasting mistake but whatever, it happened. It was hard to capture the aroma even though I was using Solo’s finest red plastic ware. We were downwind wind from the stables so I was getting healthy doses of manure and heavy hops. The taste was balanced and refreshing but I couldn’t get a good sense of any detail. It was good but I don’t feel I can give it a fair shake at this point. So I took a great picture, drank a nice dose of it but don’t feel I’m able to make a good judgement. Everyone else puts this in the upper echelon of PAs so for now I will continue to take their word for it.

Now I’m back to stalking people traveling to and from the Chicagoland area to snag another take. I hope to find their Double as well. In the meantime, add it to your personal list and look at my beautiful brewtography of the can perched on some random bus bumper.

It cost me nothing for this can share so no basis on price here.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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