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Half Cut Bar and Growler Station Opens Friday, April 18

Half Cut, the long awaited OTR hybrid bar/growler station/beer school, opens its doors tomorrow to a thirsty Cincinnati. I’ve had the pleasure of following along their journey for more than six months now and it seems the wait will pay off in dividends. They have renovated a historic OTR building (look for the piano keys on the exterior) and brought in Gomez Salsa next door.

Additionally, they worked with the super talented team at Neltner Small Batch to create a gorgeous “how beer is made” mural. The mural really gets at one of the cornerstones of Half Cut, education. Beyond serving great craft beer they want to make this an inclusive club that welcomes those with an open mind and palate. Expect impromptu and formalized education.

Below are details from their press release about the grand opening.

HalfCut Grand Opening – Pouring Friday April 18th 2014

On April 18th 2014, HalfCut Beer Cafe will pour it’s first beers to the public. Beer lovers are invited to come to 1128 Walnut Street and take their pallets on an unforgettable journey. After walking through the doors, they will be welcomed by walls that pay homage to beer. A mural, stretching over 20 feet of raw brick wall, greets you with a couple of familiar faces. This larger than life depiction of the beer making process was created by local artist Keith Neltner (Neltner Small Batch). If these walls could talk, they would tell you the story of how your beer got from the farm to your hand. Giant images portray how “nature and harvest”, “ferment and love”, “explore and deliver” are all crucial steps to satisfying your taste buds.

I’m really excited to have a new craft beer option from a team that is genuinely enthused about sharing their love of well made beer.

Friday’s hours:

Saturday’s Hours:

1126 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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