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Homebrewers help me: Fridge dilemma

I recently had a kind soul donate an old basement fridge to me for the sole purpose of aiding my inconsistent beer brewing. I know fermentation temperature control is one of the keys to breaking through to the next level of making good stuff. Since I’m kind of cheap and I like DIY challenges I will be rigging up my own dual stage temperature controller using this build guide. One socket controls the refrigerator for cooling and the other will power an old hair dryer to blow warm air around when needed. This opens up the style doors for lagers and saisons which would be fun.

I had originally figured this trusty old almond-colored beast parked in my garage would be my best bet. It has more than enough room for a carboy or two, or three. But, given my hectic personal and professional life I’m usually lucky if I can brew one 5 gallon batch per month. Perhaps it’s time step up my kegerator to a full size rig that allows for potential tap expansion. I could then convert dilemmasstandard kegerator to the fermentation chamber. However, now I’m at the chicken and the egg situation. More taps on the big fridge but less room to ferment. Or more room to ferment but fewer taps.


Has anyone else been down this road or something similar? Have you crafted your own chamber and/or kegerator? Advice, warnings, tips, insults?

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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