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INSANE charity beer cellar raffle at Belmont Party Supply

This hit my Facebook feed and I nearly had a heart attack. It seems a member of the craft beer community was in an accident and is currently in the ICU. Naturally, medical bills are piling up quick and an EXTREMELY generous craft beer community has donated an insane beer cellar to be raffled off. 100% of the proceeds will be given to the family. Tickets are $5 each.

I will likely make a trip up there to buy some tickets and, if there is any interest, I would be open to pooling money for a group buy of tickets (everyone contributes the same amount, the more that join the better our odds). If the group wins, we host an insanely epic party where all bottles are opened! Let me know if there is interest and I will look into the logistics of organizing it. If there is no interest, I would encourage those interested to give generously.

UPDATE 7/29: There was a fair amount of interest so I set up a site to collect money for a group buy of tickets. Please get your donation in by 8/8 so I have time to get up there to buy the tickets. I am asking that everyone chip in $20 to make it worth our while to (1) raise a lot of money for this ill man and (2) up our chances of winning since I have to spend gas/time to get up to Dayton. Please buy-in by 8/8 so I have time to get up there.

Here’s the donation site – COLLECTION CLOSED 8/8. If we win, there are two options: (1) throw an awesome party and drink like there’s no tomorrow or (2) split up the loot at random using I’m good either way (although a party would be more fun). Please spread the word to anyone that may be interested!

View Progress

As a matter of transparency, my $20 isn’t included in the figure above. Nor is the Jackson I collected from a buddy at work. Also, this is the gross amount and not the total collected net of fees. I will probably lose a few bucks but it’s a good cause and makes it easy to collect the loot.

The Beers

1. Bell’s Batch 6000 SIGNED BY LARRY BELL
2. Duchessic Ale
3. Malheur
4. Rivertown 2011 Lambic
5. Rivertown Ojos Negros
6. 8 Wired Barrel Aged Imperial Stout With Coffee
7. 2009 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
8. Barrel Aged Scotch Silly
9. 2012 New Holland Envious
10. 2011 Stone Belgo Russian Imperial Stout
11. 2010 Stone Old Guardian
12. 2012 Founders KBS
13. 2007 Founders Backwood Bastard
14. 3 that’s right 3 Batch 2 Jolly Pumpkin/Winking Lizard Bambic
15. 1999 JW Lees Harvest Ale
16. Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast
17. Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Engineer’s Reserve
18. Brouwerij Alvinne The Oak Bolleville
19. Widmer Kill Devil
20. An entire 4 pack of 2009 Dark Horse Plead The 5th
21. 2006 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
22. 2007 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
23. 2009 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
24. 2010 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout
25. Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged Naked Evil (1st batch)
26. 2009 Lambic X
27. Avery 10th Anniversary
28. 2006 Dogfish Head Port
29. Founders Curmudgeon’s Better Half
30. Stillwater Barrel Aged Cellar Door
31. Set of Westvleteren Blonde, 8 and 12 pre brick
32. 2013 Founders KBS
33. Three Floyds Dark Lord (vintage TBA)
34. Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot
35. Deschutes Black Butte
36. Founders Frangelic Mountain

Thoughts and prayers Shaine Sullivan and family – hope for a speedy recovery.

Belmont Party Supply Facebook Post

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