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Jurata: West Coast Cali meets West Coast Florida

The brewers at Coronado Brewing in San Diego, CA got together with the crew from Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL to create a somewhat obscure style beer named Jurata; pronounced ‘yoo-rah-tah’. I was extremely excited to be sent a free sample bottle since I LOVE Cigar City beers (I wish they distributed here) and I’ve had nothing but excellent beers from Coronado (fortunately they do distribute here).

Named for the Lithuanian mythological goddess Jūratė or Jurata (in Polish). She lived in a castle under the Baltic Sea. A fitting homage to a porter brewed by two seaside breweries.

The beer style is a Baltic Porter which has roots in, you guessed it, the Baltic Sea region. The style is described as being based in classic English porters but influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts.

Let’s get to it!

The Beer

It pours a very deep brown, almost black in color. At first glance this looks more like a stout with a small ring of dark tan foam. The head overall was minimal and dissipated pretty quickly.

The first sip brought about a pretty heavy roast flavor and a fairly bitter finish. Think dark chocolate and coffee. Although, as it warmed I began to get a bit of a nutty taste.

It has a fairly thin to medium mouthfeel. As it swirled around in my mouth I noticed some more complex dark fruit flavors and it finished with a mildly alcoholic finish. At 8% ABV it drinks very smoothly.

My Impression

Overall, this is an extremely well crafted beer that is pretty true to style. Please don’t expect this to be a Cigar City modified style beer, because it’s not. But don’t let that discourage you since it’s a good sample of the style.

You should be able to find at places like Cappy’s, Dutch’s, The Root Cellar, Market WinesJeff’s Marathon, and other craft beer merchants.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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