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Local homebrewer raising funds for stainless fermentation vessel

Many homebrewers start out (and continue) to ferment in plastic buckets. Cincinnati native, Adam Sickmiller, always loved his buckets but didn’t love some of their underlying issues with sanitation control and inability to handle hot liquids. He decided to do something about and is enlisting the help of like-minded brewers to make it happen.


Adam connected with a manufacturer of stainless steel milk cans to see if they could make a run of similarly shaped fermentation vessels. He worked on the specs for the size, lid type, and hole drilled for an airlock or blowoff tube. It will hold 7.1 gallons to ensure you have plenty of head space for a typical 5 gallon batch. In terms of physical size, it ended up having very similar dimensions to a standard bucket and is shorter than a corny keg. You likely won’t have any storage space issues with these.

Once he had a good design in place he launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to see if others would be interested in getting a run of 50 Vessels off the ground. He put together a very modest and transparent campaign that will result in him making a $275 “profit.” I’m certain the amount of time and effort involved with bringing this product to life far exceeds that amount.

After spreading the word on social media channels and some popular homebrew forums, there was a very pretty response. As I publish this, there are six days left and he is almost 85% funded. He even got the crew at Listermann to serve as a local pickup point if you want to save on some shipping costs.

I do not have a vested interest in the success of the product and I am in no way affiliated with the producer, but as a homebrewer I think it looks really awesome! It appears to be a rock-solid fermentation vessel, with a fair price, that will ensure sanitary brews for a very, very long time. Check them out and consider backing their efforts if you’re interested.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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