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MadTree marches to Dayton

After dividing and conquering Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the almost one year old brewery has it’s sights set on a semi-crowded Dayton market next. It plans to roll (pun) it’s standard cans plus draft Thundersnow and Lift (that’s their previously nameless kolsch) beginning January 6, 2014. It will be littered, in the most positive way possible, throughout Montgomery and Greene counties. I wonder if these cans make their way to Wright Patterson Air Force base and catch on to their trade winds to help seed the world with mad trees.

Mind you, Dayton already has a slew of great breweries (check out Queen City Drinks for reviews) but to my knowledge they aren’t packaging any with any regularity. Like a hop-fueled field general, the ever-expanding brewery continues marching forward with their green, yellow, and orange/red cans.

Who wins? Beer drinkers who enjoy great tasting beer! Who loses? The big three brewers. Craft beer drinkers have an expanded menu as flavorless beer continues to get elbowed out of the way. Oh, and Dayton, feel free to ship your product south for us lazy folk who don’t want to make the treacherous 30 mile journey north.

Speaking of Cans

I’ve been reporting for a loooong time now but the rumors/truth about an expanded can lineup continues to solidify (hooray!). In addition to Sprye, their delicious Spring Rye which has been on hiatus since early summer, it looks like Lift may also make it in can form.

This presents a pretty formidable array of cans that spans the flavor spectrum. Let’s walk through them briefly.

  • You get Lift to appease the Bud Light/lawn mowing crowd with refreshment and a touch of flavor.
  • Sprye, if memory serves me correct, gives one an introduction to hops with a nice rye malt spice.
  • Gnarly Brown uses a host of roasted malts for the coffee/chocolate fans – plus hops.
  • Happy Amber gives a sweet crisp malt bill with a decent hop punch that isn’t oppressively bitter.
  • Then the granddaddy PsycHOPathy delivers the hop wallop sitting on top of a faint malt bill.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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