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MadTree Pumpcan and Thundersnow Can Designs Approved

  • madtree_thundersnow_can
    Scotch ale/winter warmer
  • madtree_pumpcan_can
    Pumpkin ale

MadTree Brewing received approval for the can designs for their next two seasonal releases, The Great Pumpcan and Thundersnow. With it only being a couple days into Summer it’s hard to think of these cool weather beers but they need to start ordering cans now. In the meantime, it is our duty to drink our way through their current stock of Sol Drifter cans to make room for these new ones.

One of my favorite nuances with their can designs are the simple slogans that go around the neck. Pumpcan clarifies, “It’s a beer, it’s a can, it’s a pumpcan.” Thundersnow tames winter blues with, “It’s cold outside. Nice and toasty inside. Stay warm.”

Next Cans

What other cans might we see next? I’ve heard whispers that Identity Crisis, Axis Mundi, and – wait for it – GALAXY HIGH are being considered. Keep your fingers crossed for all three!

In the meantime, soak in these beauties and keep your eyes peeled early this fall.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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