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MadTree to brew good karma, beer in Cincinnati

It’s no secret that fellas at Mad Tree are dead serious about becoming Cincinnati’s next successful craft brewery. They’ve been working diligently for close to two years to make their dream a reality. Reality, as a production brewery, is nearly here and everyone in the Cincinnati area benefits.

Roughly four years ago, friends Kenny, Jeff, and Brady were just beginning to dabble in homebrewing. Like most, they instantly fell in love with the idea and the process which lead to a rapid escalation in their obsession of the craft. They were soon mashing-in 15-20 gallon batches every weekend and coming to the realization that as a trio, they could live the dream of becoming professional brewers. This sparked a 16-month journey to develop a business plan, raise capital, and brew like, ahem, Mad men to hone their recipes.

They had a relatively easy time during their journey from amateurs to professionals. They found a great building just off the I-71 Ridge Road exit which has been retrofitted into an excellent brew house and taproom. They even managed to beat their fundraising goals! Beyond a few building permit hiccups it has been a smooth and positive experience for the guys. You can follow their build history on Facebook and Twitter. The process has been pretty awesome to watch as they have turned an old former extermination biz into a start of the art brewery.

Speaking of brewing, they plan to come out of the gate with a brown, amber, and an IPA. And best of all, they will be canning!! Yes that means you can have access to their labor of love without having to find a bar with an open handle. This is especially beneficial for those of us with kids that struggle to get out as often as we like. Beyond the initial three, they will also work on some draft seasonals like a Russian Imperial, Winter Warmer, and a Hoppy Porter.

They say they are on target for a “winter” launch which I hope means January and not March! In fact, they are shooting to have something ready for the Cincy Winter Beerfest. Additionally, they have already inked a deal with a local distributor so the suds should flow as soon as fermentation is complete.

When asked about the local brewing scene’s explosive growth, Kenny responded “The Cincinnati beer scene is growing, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. Cincinnati can absolutely support it. I firmly believe what Charlie Papazian said this year at the Craft Brewer’s Conference. ‘We are not in a bubble, we are knee deep in foam and the foam is still rising.’ This party is just getting started.”

By all indications, they have a very well thought out and executed business plan. However, beyond the business, they are most excited about the social aspect of the beer industry. They went on to mention, “we love sharing and talking about beer. If anyone ever wants swing by to chat, check out the progress, or lend a hand, feel free to drop by. We love meeting others with a passion for community and craft beer.” Not only are they extremely friendly but they also care about the community. On December 1st, they committed to donating $1,495 to Toys for Tots for hitting 1,000 likes on Facebook. Seriously. And they aren’t even open for business yet!

Keep up with MadTree on Twitter, Facebook, and their website.  You can also check back here to find out when kegs and cans start rolling.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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