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New Brew Year Resolutions: drink local, run more, brew better

Yes, I’m making New Year resolutions that revolve around beer. Do you expect anything less?? I’m trying to keep things pretty simple, and achievable, with three resolutions.

1. Drink. Local. Beer.

I’ve been neglecting some of the fantastic beers being brewed in Cincinnati. Part of it stems for kid-induced time constraints and part of it is my own laziness in seeking them out. It would be helpful to find more in bottles/cans and if local restaurants would get on board with the quality local brews. Mt. Carmel and Moerlein put out great beer consistently, but Blank Slate, Triple Digit, and 50 West are really raising the bar. MadTree and Double Barrel both look really promising.

We all need to do our part in supporting our risk-taking neighbors trying to make a decent living producing high caliber beers. Economic vibrancy begins by spending in our own communities.

In your opinion, what are the best local beers?


2.Run more consistently

Yes, exercise and beer guzzling generally make strange bedfellows. However the two sports really work well together. Running is a great cardio-endurance exercise and helps counteract the negative side effects of excess carb/calorie consumption. It’s also a good way to sweat out some excess beers from the night before. I have a bad habit of getting into excellent running shape doing close to 20 miles per week at a sub-nine-minute pace. Then I finish a race goal and get lazy for a month and totally destroy my endurance and my training starts from scratch. It’s foolish and inefficient to have to work so much harder for a few weeks vacation. And, there’s nothing better than a post-race beer!

Anyone else drink and run? Any tips to share?


3.Up my homebrew game

I need to take better notes and control my fermentation more. I always think I’m going to pay close attention to my brew session and clearly log everything but that never happens. So when I get a beer that turns out well I struggle to reproduce it. I also think fermentation temperatures aren’t being maintained well enough. My basement temps tend to fall above and below the acceptable ranges during summer and winter. Cincinnati’s wild weather swings also wreak havoc on maintaining a steady temperature. I’m hoping to inherit a used fridge soon so I can rig up a temperature controller.

I could probably stand to upgrade my burner and kettle, too. But my current rig is pretty sufficient for most five gallon batches. Probably more important is the need to brew more often and with other experienced brewers.

What are your plans for 2013? What do you want to see from The Brew Professor?

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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