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New brewery alert: Bridgetown Brew Works

bridgetown_brew_worksBrace yourself, but there are actually plans to establish a brewery on the West Side of Cincinnati! Two brothers, and West Side residents, are in the planning stages to bring craft beer into an untapped market with their Bridgetown Brew Works brewery. This side of town is long known for its deep German heritage and corresponding love affair with beer. And, while craft beer is still relatively unknown in these parts it is rapidly becoming more popular just as it is for the rest of the country.

Bridgetown Brew Works

Those familiar with the area will see the name corresponds to the part of town hosting the new brewery. Brothers Jim and Mike Gunnarson share a passion for craft beer that they want to bring to their neighborhood. They have homebrewing experience and plan to operate in conjunction with other friends who have home and commercial brewing experience. With a significant portion of their capital raised they expect to solicit additional investors to finish meeting their goal.

Right now, BBW is actively working with local government entities to gain the necessary zoning and building approvals to begin constructing the brewery. Once the location is finalized (expected to be some time in September), they plan to install a 10bbl brewhouse with an on-premise taproom. Initial plans call for self-distributed draft only with a chance for some occasional bomber releases.

The initial beers will focus on a core lineup that includes a root beer. Continuing with the local theme, all their beers will be named after local West Side landmarks. Some of the names include: Oak Hills Lager, Hairpin IPA, and Muddy Creek Wheat. While these are some of the typical styles being produced they do have a deep admiration for quality and unique lagers, something not often seen these days. Perhaps we will see some different lagers being produced to provide some diversity in our local beer options.

If all goes as planned they will be brewing at the beginning of next year with a public opening in March.

More Information

I hope to visit their facility in the near future as things progress to share some pictures and additional information. In the meantime, you can check out their website at as well as their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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