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NEW BREWERY ALERT: Fibonacci Brewing

Cincinnati’s explosive craft beer brewing industry continues to grow with the addition of Fibonacci Brewing, a nanobrewery located in Mt. Healthy. This mark’s the city’s second nano brewery, with DogBerry in West Chester being the first. This time a passion for beer, mathematics, and community collide to give birth to this fledgling brewery.

Where? Mt. Healthy?

fibonacci-brewing-bob-bettyThat’s probably the first thing most of you thought as you read the first sentence of this post. It’s not the most affluent area of town teeming with young professionals flush with disposable income.

So, why Mt. Healthy? The answer is simple.

Owners Bob and Betty Bollas wanted to create something in their neighborhood to meet the needs of a diverse mix of residents with an interest in craft beer and to help create pride in their community.  During early renovation they found people from a variety of neighboring communities stopping by excitedly to confirm a brewery is really going to open in their neighborhood. They hard at work completely renovating the former Felss Florist shop (ironically, where they purchased their wedding flowers).

A Quick Math Lesson

Next piece of the puzzle: the name. A few learned folks may recognize Fibonacci as the name of a mathematical sequence that finds itself demonstrated in nature. The rest of us will have to Google it, read about it, drink a beer, look at it again, watch this video, drink two more beers, and then just declare its math stuff. In short, it combines Bob’s love for math and Betty’s love for nature and growing food.  Bob shares, “Symbolically, the Fibonacci Sequence represents new beginnings and growth which is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The Brewery

This will be a true nano brewery with a one-barrel brewhouse — making it small even by nano standards. Plans are to start producing about two barrels per week and then slowly increasing to six barrels per week. Like most folks, Bob describes himself as a hophead but also has a deep appreciation for many other styles – especially Belgians.[pullquote-left]Brew consistently good beers that can be shared in a relaxing environment amongst friends.[/pullquote-left] He is also a fan of barrel aged beers, especially stouts, so hopefully those show up after not too long. Expect a number of different styles brewed with a simple philosophy: Brew consistently good beers that can be shared in a relaxing environment amongst friends.

They expect to begin with keeping all beers on-premise initially with the taproom and growler fills. However, they hope to later be able to partner with local restaurants to contract brew private label beers.

Starting slow means they plan to keep their full-time jobs for the foreseeable future but hope to be able to concentrate full-time on the brewery at some point. When asked where they would like to be in three years, Bob answered “We’d like to have established a business that not only we’re proud of, but that everyone in our community is proud of too. We’d like to have established partnerships with other local companies and use their ingredients in our products. Most of all, we’d like to be happy knowing that we made the right decision to take this next step in our brewing adventure.”

You can’t argue with that!

So when does Fibonacci open? Right now they are shooting for spring 2015 but it depends on many different factors. Keep your fingers crossed.

Connect with Fibonacci

I will try to keep you updated as things progress, but you can follow their progress through social media:

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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