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New Brewery Progress Update: Rhinegeist and Brewery X


The fellas are really bringing things together at their OTR shop. I had the chance to stop by a couple of weeks ago to see their progress and it was pretty astonishing. Here are some observations:

  • They have a really cool logo and a website!
  • As I pulled up that day they were unloading another 40bbl fermentor that they had scored in a last minute deal. See the pictures/video below.
  • The ornate, original plaster ceiling in the tap room has been restored and patched.
  • Pretty much all the plumbing has been run and they should be ready to water test all the lines and vessels very soon (if not already).
  • Their canning line equipment was already delivered.
  • They have a BOATLOAD of hops in their walk-in cooler ready for use.
  • I had a chance to sample two test beers and they were excellent. Although, one was going to have a late/dry hop change but it will be fine.
  • Their grain mill is just about operational!

All signs are pointing to them being operational in the not too distant future. Cross your fingers!


I had the opportunity to meet with the father and son duo behind the new brewery to be installed in the old Eden Park pump station (also police/fire dispatch). The skill sets the two bring provide an interesting dynamic. Father, Jack, has years of experience in the public sector as an architect. Son, Bryan, brings a wealth of experience in the craft beer experience. They share a passion for beer, brewing, and revitalizing the city.

When we spoke they had just received positive news from the city that would allow them to proceed with abatement and renovation of the site. This has the potential to be a crown jewel addition to the already stellar Eden Park. They’re looking at a brewery and tap room on-site with the potential for small plate foods prepared in-house and/or food trucks. It aims to be bike (and all park/outdoor activity) friendly. They are also extremely conscious of their setting and intend to cause negligible environmental impact.

Keep your eye on this duo as they have a few other tricks up their sleeves that I’m not at liberty to disclose just yet, but stay tuned. This has the potential to be something great!

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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