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New Rivertown beers: Patrick’s Hulk SMaSH and mystery Gypsy IPA

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  • rivertown-no_where_in_particular_gypsy_IPA

Rivertown Brewing wasrecently granted approval for two new beers with very intriguing labels. I reached out to Rivertown to get some additional detail on these two beers.

Patrick’s Hulk SMaSH

This beer is the third of four in 2014’s Brewmaster’s Reserve series at Rivertown.  Like the previous two, Tom’s SMaSHing Blonde and Ella Bombshell, they are Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beers.  They are intended to showcase how simple ingredients can still provide a good flavor profile.

Patrick’s Hulk SMaSH was created by the same evil genius that made the killer Waste of AAU’s poured at 2014 Winter Beerfest. Rivertown’s Jason Roeper explains, “it features Golden Promise malt and an experimental hop breed from our hop supplier (Hopsteiner).  It’s a one of a kind IPA – very citrusy and pungent.”  The hop in question is the awkwardly named Experimental Variety #05256.  It’s shown up locally in beers at MadTree and Rhinegeist fairly recently – but never showecased as a single variety.

Line up hop heads, this awesome beer should be available in the taproom by the second week of July!

No Where In Particular Brewing Gypsy IPA

This is the one that really caught my attention due to the name.  Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t able to provide any detail on it.  He says, “Unfortunately I cannot elaborate on the other beer at this time, I can shed more light on that one in the coming months.”

This one sounds particularly interesting due to that “gypsy” word being thrown in the mix. In the world of craft brewing this generally means another brewer produces a beer using another’s brewery’s equipment.  Mikkeller and Clown Shoes are two very well known examples of gypsy or contract brewers.

It’s even more interesting since most local breweries are maxing out their production capacity and often wouldn’t have the bandwidth to brew much outside their own recipes.  Although, the label approval is only for a keg collar so we should anticipate this being a draft only release and likely a small batch with approval for a 1/6bbl keg. I’ll let you know if I find out anything more about this mystery beer.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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