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Opening Day 2014 Special Tappings

The “official” sign that spring is here brings with it a number of fantastic beer tappings this year.  If you’re downtown to watch the parade, game, or just to ditch work – plan your attack using the info below.

“We will rotate through a lot of Three Floyd’s starting on Opening day and going until they are gone. Zombie Dust, Alpha King, Gumball Head, Dreadnaught, Panzer Wolf, Permanent Funeral, Blakkr, Rich Life and more.”

Rumor has it Topless Wytch, Jinxproof, and Pride and Joy may also be available but let’s face it – that’s not why you’re going.

Breakfast and tappings start at 9am.  The list includes:

  1. Three Floyd’s Alpha King
  2. The Brew Kettle’s White Raja
  3. 2 year aged Founder’s Imperial Stout
  4. Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA
  5. Blank Slate’s Long Way Home Chocolate IPA
  6. Rhinegeist’s Saber Tooth Tiger
  7. MadTree’s Rounding Third Red IPA

Moerlein Lager House
Music and the usual food and drinks starting at 9AM.

Opening at 11am for pints and growler fills. Consider their new red rye beer, Hustle.

I will keep this post updated as I hear about more specials.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.