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Oskar Blues – Deviant Dale’s – 93

Deviant Dale's


Deviant Dale’s is the tallboy hop bomb reminiscent of a far left coast Imperial IPA.  Crack the can and get a good whiff.  Drink, swish, savor, enjoy.  Then do it all over again.  I could drink this on a regular basis and get pretty smashed on a regular basis. This is a solid IIPA clocking in at 8% ABV and a to be respected 100 IBUs.

I ate it with some asian crusted pork and noodles but this goes hand-in-hand with a fresh pepperoni pie from your favorite joint.  Stick your nose in the air and eat it with some funky blue cheese.

A four-pack set me back $12.99.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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