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Oskar Blues – Ten FIDY – 90


Oskar Blues has bestowed their dark as night super stout on the Ohio valley and I couldn’t wait to cram it down my gullet. First off, this pours like a couple of quarts of 5W-10 that’s been rolling around inside a 1983 Corolla for the past 200,000 miles. Straight up motor oil. Very little carbonation with just a slight dark tan foam ring.

Naturally it coats your throat with its heavy, thick body. Then there’s the warmth on the way down. The Ten Fiddy name refers its 10.5% ABV that comes alive after a few drinks.

It’s a great stout with balanced flavors. You aren’t getting a ton of bitter roast, just smooth mild roast malt flavor. Watch out though because the ABV lurks in the shadows. It’s easy to sip on and doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Definitely let it warm up to 50+ degrees to bring in some additional flavor.

If memory serves me correct, it was about $12 a four pack. You definitely get bang for your buck with the FIDY.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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